August 7 2014

Some settings showcase unique historic beauty. The bygone era of manufacturing placed in the heart of Soho left behind space and historically rich, building details directly in view when one can be perched above the street scape.  This unwelcoming rooftop was disengaged from its residence, and it would take more than cosmetic changes to give it a new life. The Gunn team was called upon to design a retreat that brings the serenity of the natural landscape merged with the built; with living quarters extending from the home that mitigate with the surrounding context. The solution would also meet the request for exclusivity – a place that provided a sense of security and privacy for the owners.

Gunn introduced an eye-pleasing look to last year-round in this before and after.The design includes a range of materials to turn an uninspiring rooftop space into one that brings tranquility and utility: slats of oiled hardwood constructed as removable panels in the flooring, screening, planters, and seating; the textured stone of Yangtzee limestone pavers; eco-friendly Synlawn to ease water consumption; and evergreens to keep the space green year round. Juniper hedges were planted in repetition to screen and privatize an exposed corner space.
See more photos of the completed project.