July 18 2014

Rescale your outdoor space with divisions to become a place of solitude. This Upper West Side terrace perched above the cityscape gets a dose of Zen by introducing natural materials and through a series of intimately scaled living zones set within a linear space.

Gunn Landscape Architecture’s landscape designer, Aaron Andrew McIntire, worked with interior designer Wesley Moon to bring suggestions of interior environs and sense of enclosure. Arbors, dressed with the delicate tendrils of climbing clematis and the more robust wisteria, become formal divisions to enhance the feeling of seclusion on an open rooftop exposed to the elements. Slat trellis partitions, made of oiled hardwood, border the entire terrace to maintain a continuity in a divided space, but also provide a backdrop for hedges in custom designed, weathered, zinc planters and accessories that further stand out to captivate the eye. The Sango Kaku, or Coral Bark Maple, paints new colors into the setting each season – leaves turning from green to pollen yellow throughout spring and into summer, while the red hues of branches intensify from fall through winter.