January 13 2014

In collaboration with workshop/apd, Gunn has begun a penthouse-terrace redesign in the Jean Nouvel building at 100 11th Ave. Design elements include distinctive bench seating–featuring incredible views of the High Line and Hudson River–custom Corten steel planters which simultaneously complement and contrast the faceted steel and playful blue-hue glass surface of the building’s exterior. Shown above is the in-progress planter fabrication.

Plants were selected for their varying heights and rooftop hardiness, and include a selection of Feather Reed Grass, Prairie Dropseed, (ever noticed the slight fragrance of caramel popcorn on the High Line? That’s Prairie Dropseed.), Little Bluestem, Sedum, and purple Joe Pye Weed.  The planting scheme is intended to pay homage to the neighboring High Line, and draw on the contrast between a modern built environment and textured, light and wild plantings.

With final installation set to take place this spring, check back with us at the end of the summer for a look at the finished project.