December 17 2013

A while back, many Gunn staffers were asked by Gardenista for our favorite houseplant recommendations. As landscape designers–not gardeners–initially the author assumed we may not be the right team to ask for this feature. It became clear as we discussed our favorites, however, that our passions for horticulture, gardening, and the wonder of living flora carries beyond the use of plants as a design medium. Just as is it is important for architects to know how to build, it is important for us as landscape architects to know characteristics, growing patterns, and how to care for plants—whether they be our own houseplants, or the varieties we employ in our projects. 

Senior designer Aaron McIntire recommended the Magic Bells Plant (Kalanchoe) for its striking shapes, color, and texture, and his own photo of the plant (featuring French Bulldog Harry) was too good not to share.

Check out the gardenista site for our other recommendations, including purple oxalis, pencil cactus, and staghorn ferns.