March 21 2013

Months after Hurricane Sandy stormed through our cities’ communities and ravished our gardens, the damage from Sandy’s wrath is still so painfully evident. In early January, Gunn, along with Vert Gardens, teamed up with New York Cares to spend a day “mucking out” (aka: gutting) homes in the Rockaways that were destroyed by the storm. The damage to the properties along the waterfront was devastating, the work was challenging (five homes gutted!) but witnessing the gratitude of families as their homes inched one step closer to repair was highly rewarding. Even now as we approach spring, there are many neighborhoods struggling to return to some sort of normalcy. If you’re looking for ways to volunteer, we recommend joining forces with New York Cares—the daylong event was well organized, and crew leaders and staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Visit the New York Cares website for more info.