August 21 2012

A lot has happened at Gunn Landscape Architecture this summer: we’ve moved offices, completed a variety of projects that we are eager to share on our website, and have had some exciting press (New York Times and Hamptons Magazine). We’re also looking forward to a number of new and challenging projects as the weather, hopefully, starts to cool down.


As we transition into late summer, the changing light results in a varied color palette in the landscape, with tones of gold, brown and deep reds. Our plant selections–especially in the Hamptons where constant summer blooms are essential–provide much-needed late summer interest with hardy late blooming perennials and ornamental grasses. Some of our favorites (of which there are many) include stalwarts like Russian sage, various Panicum varieties, and globe thistle. A recently completed entrance garden in East Hampton is shown above, where we’ve layered meadow plantings to create an informal and constantly evolving landscape that complements the existing residence. This particular project scope also includes extensive replanting throughout the drive and rear garden areas, a new pool, custom grill, fireplace, and outdoor lounge areas.