October 28 2011

Earlier this week, members of the Gunn office ventured outdoors to Marine Park in Brooklyn, to volunteer with MillionTreesNYC. We spent the morning along with hundreds of others (and a number of rambunctious schoolchildren), planting over 1400 native tree species in a previously desolate area of the park. Volunteer coordinators estimated that with proper planting, up to 85% of the saplings–including native evergreen and deciduous trees such as eastern red cedars, swamp white oaks, highbrush blueberries and sassafras–will survive to bolster the city’s urban forest.  

With the efforts of volunteers citywide, nearly 520,000 trees have been planted throughout the five boroughs, surpassing the half-way mark of the organization’s overall goal.

MillionTreesNYC is citywide initiative combining both public and private efforts.  For more information (or to volunteer) please visit www.MillionTreesNYC.org