January 27 2011

Earlier this week, our office attended the 15th Annual Plant-O-Rama, a trade show and symposium for garden aficionados, hosted by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with the Metro Hort Group of New York City. This year, the event’s focus was among the peculiar, with lectures entitled “Perennial Favorites: New, Overlooked, and Just Plain Cool!” by Tony Avent, and “Rare and Unusual Trees and Shrubs for Urban Environments” by Adam Wheeler. We heard of plants with unique nicknames like ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Tiramisu’, and ‘Redneck Babies Breath,’ and also discovered some newly introduced varieties, such as the Lycoris Radiata ‘Fire Engine’ and Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ (both pictured above). As always, all three lectures, including Plant-O-Rama Coordinator Bob Hyland’s “So We Started a Nursery: A Reality Check!” shared valuable knowledge in entertaining presentations, and we are eager to begin integrating some of these extraordinary plants into our designs!