February 22 2010

A bulk of our design focus is spent on thinking about and designing pathways, driveways, auto courts, and other circulation patterns. The driveway functions in a transitional capacity, leading visitors through a sequence of events from the public road to the private residence. When designed correctly, driveways can create a wonderful, welcoming experience for the visitor by winding them through a series of plantings and directing glimpses to focal points – a true Olmsted design. Other driveway designs may try to conserve space and maximize efficiency by providing a direct route from the road to the residence or have a gravel auto court planted with trees which allows the parking to be incorporated into the garden – a true modern design. These types of driveway treatment can minimize the amount of hard surfaces and maximize the amount space given to the garden and help provide a green design. Google Earth has many wonderful images of Hampton’s circulation patterns at every different shape and scale that reflect the value of a successful planned driveway and auto court.